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Fully Transparent, brand-safe inventory

TRUTH creates a level playing field for marketers to seamlessly target real users with the right ad, every time.

Our PMP marketplace is designed to ensure higher overall CPM and fill vs. the open marketplace.

ColorTV's AdCel division is proud to introduce "TRUTH", a first-in-class, verified, mobile first, PMP-only Programmatic Exchange platform. This inventory is exclusively available to our buyers. Our Proprietary SDK, AdCel integrates directly with mobile apps, allowing us to verify the integrity of data from any seller and filter out bad actors in the ecosystem. Buyers can now gain access to high quality, verified-clean inventory with confidence.

Improper Device Declaration
Device ID Reset Fraud
Device Spoofing
User ID Fraud
Incorrect Declaration of User App Session
Varying IP Addresses and Incorrect Location Signals
Misrepresentation of Bundle ID's

Mobile & SDK

ColorTV’s proprietary mediation platform AdCel offers a robust monetization solution for publishers seeking the most efficient way to monetize and optimize their demand stack.

AdCel’s proprietary dynamic waterfall leverages behavioral data in conjunction with buyer eCPMs to deliver the most relevant ads to user, generating the highest level of performance for buyers and publishers


Global Network Access into 40+ Top Quality Demand Partners